Our Code of Ethics


In all our business processes and in all our relationship about work, Truth and Honesty are our primary values



Electra Textile as a corporation always tries to be aware and careful about it`s customers, employees, suppliers and it`s business partners, it`s competitors,  society and first of all humanity when it comes to legal rights.


Responsability For Our Customers

We are focused on customers satisfaction, we try to answer to our customers needs and demands as soon as possible, in the most accurate way we work with a responsive proactive approach, we provide our service on time, we act towards our custumers with respect,honor,justice,equality and courtesy rules


Responsability For Our Opponents

We effectively contest in an environment where only legal and ethical competition is accepted avoiding the unfair one.We provide support for the efforts aimed at ensuring targeted competitive behavior within the community.


 Responsability For Society and Humanity

We have carried out international projects in Turkey, we are sensitive to traditions and culture of countrys, becoming a good citizen and a pioneer in social issues with consciousness