The shopping process with credit card from site “Site” which is the property of “ELECTRA TEXTILE GIDA SHOES LTD.ŞTİ” is subject to the following security protocols:


In case you shop from the site, your personal information, card number and passwords will not be recorded and stored.


Your online shopping is secured with SSL certificate. This SLL certificate is responsible from realizing in a secure way the information flow between the user computer and the site’s server. In this way, the data between the visitor-server are packaged as coded and are decoded only by the user’s browser or server. Thus, the important information, credit card, membership information and other similar information to be sent by user to the server, cannot be read or received by the network system through they have to pass until reaching to the server.


In exceptional cases, ELECTRA TEXTILE may require verbally from the bank the confirmation of the order. In this case, your bank will contact you reaching to you from your information recorded in the bank’s system and will request the approval for your order. Please make sure that your personal information recorded in the system of your bank is up to date in order to enable the bank to reach to you. 


For security operations, please make sure that your telephone number recorded, is accurate. The numbers and your e-mail address entered in the system will be used for informing and other issues related to your order.